Peintue, autoportrait, yeux

My pleasure is to describe human figure with the whole innocence i can pretend.

Beauty : a bad reputation

Once upon a time, when she was young, beauty could express herself, with freedom granted by innocence.

One day, we forcibly married her at the Good, this Moral order's notion made of lead. Everybody had to prostate to the couple, until nausea.

Then, she has been uncoupled, not to give her freedom back, but to put her down by philosophical questioning : Do Beauty exists in absolute ? Is she an universal notion ? Can we find beauty in ugliness ? In Evil ?

Today, in the Fine-Arts domain, beauty is replaced by the Truth - the sis who bided her time to reign alone - and parked in a new enclosure, that of Applied Arts. Now associated with a beautiful lamp, a beautiful car. She's well fed, and treated with love and attention. She nowadays is linked to marketing, packaging, even a venal attitude, not to say prostitution.


About the author

To admit everything, i'm kind of " studio body". Among my references, the craftsmanship, his method, his know-how. It's also that work we admire today in monuments... carpentry, masonry, painting, moulding, furnitures. You'll find other principles that guide me in his work

on page Ideas.

I claim a classic method in his work, in the tradition of the easel painter. My support is canvas primed with several layers of gesso. His technique is based on glaze,

the most important specificity of oil painting.

My language is figurative and narrative. Portrait is one of my specialties.

About influences

My painting is still nourished today by my early passion,

mainly oriented toward the fantastic.

The reminiscence of Marabout-Fantastic Editions, the universes of Jean RayClaude Seignolle, Alexandre Dumas, Marcel Béalu or

Lewis (The Monkplunges me back into a black nostalgia.

And Les Fleurs du Mal, my first poetry book by Baudelaire !

The Warren editor published at that time a french version of three of their greatest magazines : Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella. At the same time, Italy generated some (occasionally) small jewels as Terror, Outre-Tombe, Jungla or Jacvla. Jacula, totally immoral, as well as amoral pretty blond vampire has aged in a good way. in spite of a rather lousy drawing. I read again, three years ago, the 116 booklets produced by various authors, sometimes anonymous. This endless story has acquired the charm of nineteenth-century serial novels signed by Paul Féval or Eurène Sue.

Another strong influence I can identify is Epinal's imagery. Disturbing when it tried to be funny, sinister when wanted to be uplifting. It also joined the domain of fantastic... and moreover, cherry on the cake, without wanting to !


Classical painting has also left its mark. Flemish until the 17th century, ReynoldsGoyaPoussin, the neo-classics, comical by dint of seriousness, perfection and rigidity. What's more funny than the Oath of the Horace, Lictors or Leonidas at Thermopylae by David ? Amongst contemporaries, Dali, master of the technique, Magritte, this strange and a little perverse HergéRobert Crumb who is on a par with Holbein, Dürer, Rembrandt.

The great illustrators of spanish, Iialian or américan edition where excellent teachers too.They where owners of science of visual seduction.


When I need to take a breathe,

immerge myself in the impressionist landscapes.

Pour l'enfant, amoureux de cartes et d'estampes,

L'univers est égal à son vaste appétit.

Que le monde est grand à la clarté des lampes,

Aux yeux du souvenir, que le monde est petit.

Baudelaire. Le Voyage.

Photo, atelier, portrait Olivier de Rivaz,

In the studio

My galleries

—  Galerie Rollin, rue Écuyère, Rouen

—  Galerie Alexandre, rue Gaston Follope, Bernay.

hommage parodique aux affiches seventies, peintures, huiles sur toile

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