Chimera :

Mythological monster - monstrous assemblage —  Vain imagination> fantasy, illusion, mirage, dream, utopia, vision - Forging a chimera, petting a chimera, " O chimeras ! Last resources of the unfortunate ! " Rousseau —  An organism artificially created by transplant or fertilization — Quail and chicken chimera —  Cartilaginous marine fish ...

Chimerical :

Fabulous, imaginary, mythical —  Dreams, imaginations, chimerical dreams> fantastic, crazy, illusory, impossible, improbable, unrealistic, unreal, utopian, vain.

Who delights in chimeras> dreamy, romantic, utopian, visionary —  "a lazy, bleak and a bit chimerical guy, but very reasonable in substance." Sartre.


Extracts from Petit Robert 2008.

I had to find a title for this page.

The pictures presented here do not really fit into the Children's Games section, are not quite Portraits, not completely Society themes, flirt with the Nudes. They are therefore hybrid, crosses of genres, but of the fantastic gender. The definition of chimera and chimerical seems to me perfectly suited to the domain which is mine.

petit-gibier.jpg, chasseur, souricière, rat, oiseau mort, tapette, payasage, nocturne,

Petit Gibier.

Huile/toile. 92 x 73. 2019


The Gate.

Oil/canvas. 73 x 60. 2011


Man fronting the Does Park.

Oil/canvas. 92 x 73. 2019



Oil/canvas. 92 x 73. 2013

Paintings "sans queue ni tête".

The vain and chimeric aspect of a painting is fresh air compared to all these works wich question, challenge, denounce.

If reflexion, meditation occurs, it must come from the audience. It's up to the artist to keep open door for this purpose.



Oil/canvas. 92 x 73. 2018