Portraits, a psychologist's job

Peinture, portrait, Simenon, Suisse

Simenon in Switzerland

Oil on canvas . 92 x 65. 2016

Peinture, portrait, Kafka, immeuble

Franz Kafka

Oil on canvas. 92 x 73. 2015

Portraitist ( for caricature, i don't know how to do it)

I like to give the personality and inner life of models back in my pictures.

My approach is always caring. A care sometimes tinged with humour.

A good portrait will spark three kind of reactions from the model :

— Happiness :

A portrait is a recognition of our deep personality, our particularities and integrity. If the realization is aesthetic, if the picture is fine, it will provoque a reaction of well-being.

— Embarrassment :

Modesty or shyness of the model can generate a feeling of discomfort, but often accompanied by a dose of pleasure. Because aesthetic pleasure can overcome many timidities.

— Anger :

A successful portrait will reveal hidden things, buried with more or less efficiency. A harsh

if not pathological personality can react with violence.

Peinture, portrait, Sherlock Holmes, Suisse

Victor Hugo

Portrait de femme, peinture huile sur toile, paysage

Claire's portrait

Oils on canvas. 92 cm x 73 cm. 2016/2018

Peinture huile sur toile, portrait, François Lemaitre, Ségolène Royal, sur affiche, M le maudit de Fritz Lang
Peinture huile sur toile, portrait de femme sur couverture de magazine années 40.
Peinture huile sur toile, portrait de femme sur couverture de magazine fantastique années 40

Portraits of François Lemaitre, Valérie, Nathalie

Oils on canvas. 92 x 73. 2016/2018.

These portraits where big hits with friends ;-)

I choose my models amongst people i like, and who impressed me. In case of an order, i know my limits, so i ca decline an offer if i feel not able to do.

As for Simenon, i never read him.

A photo showed him sitting on a bench in Switzerland. His gaze fixed on the lens

seemed to say:

"Get out of my field of vision, disappear from my sight". His eyes froze me, I would not have liked to meet him. Such expressiveness made me want to represent him.

And then ... Maigret is emblematic of the postwar society, my parents lived in.


Olivier de Rivaz — painter — Portraits