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Huile sur toile. 100 x 81. 2020

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A short introduction and contemporary art

Today, i'm living and working in Normandy (Orne). I can assert i'm not yet dead for more than 70 years. So, by the fact : i am fully a "contemporary artist". And my painting is totally "contemporary art".


This first remark is justified, the true definition of "contemporary art" being : An art produced by a living artist - or dead for less than 70 years (roughly, the period after World War II).


Art marketing has managed to make our mind associate this qualification "contemporary art" with : installations, performances, photo, video, land art, street art. To sum up all these in one pedantic word, as meaningless as Monsieur Jourdain's prose: conceptual.

So, everything has been done to exclude painting - and painters - from this definition.

The texts on this site - except quotations mentioned as such - as well as the images, have been created by O de Rivaz. They are solely the responsibility of their author and owner.

For any use of a text or an extract, please cite your source.

For any use of a picture, please ask for permission.


Olivier de Rivaz — painter — Portraits

Olivier de Rivaz. L'Aigle, Normandie . Mail : o-rivaz@wanadoo.fr