Thoughts, aphorisms, principles, ideas...

Several quotes included on this page come from

 Jacqueline Lichtenstein's Les Raisons de l'Art, Gallimard.

"You should always get two ideas : one to kill the other."
Georges Braque

Peinture, roi, couronne, marotte,

The secret is first to please and touch,

Invent the strings that can bind me.


A modern artist must take two-third of his time trying to see what is visible,

and especially not to see what is invisible.

Philosophers often expiate the fault of having practiced on the contrary.

Paul Valery

The aesthetic pleasure is indebted to a content of thought

(...) introduced by the observer.

Wundt cité par Marguerite Neveux in Le Nombre d'Or. Seuil.

The lack of rigor do not lead to freedom.

Commentary of J-Claude Casadessus. France-Info 2019

The act of creation is par excellence the emergence of the unexpected.

Jacques Thuillier

Criticism of the rules is always a revolt against obsolete rules that lost their raison d'être.

In art, one kills rules already dead, to replace them with others.

Jacqueline Lichtenstein

Peinture, jeux des enfants,

You become an artist at the moment you cheat for beautified.


Max Jacob

Art work becomes authentic only when playing with contradiction and disobey the evidence. Paradoxes are opponents to stationary regimes of the mind.

(Change "art work" into " intellectual fonction " to find 

the authentic quote of Etienne Klein)

The paradox leads to reflection, meditation.

This is the opposite of pleonasm.

Etienne Klein, Conversations avec le Sphinx

To draw what you see, forget what you know.

Betty Edwards

According to Bachelard, scientific reasoning and poetic imagination share three points :

- Wake up the mind

- Are not satisfied with early evidences

- Lead to rectified intuitions.

I like the rule that rectifies emotion.


" It is with prudence —  eubulie — wisdom and perspicacity  — circumspection — precaution — deliberation — manufacturing — remembrante — foresight — intelligence and divination — it is by using of prudentiol rules, and not predetermined —established according to contingency of the case — it is in a new — and unpredictable way — that artist applies the rules of his art.

Jacques Maritain. 1935.

Let's learn to criticize our own works at the sight of beauties we discover in those of others.

Antoine Coypel

On se débarrasse des intellectuels en les envoyant s'occuper un peu de l'émotion et de l'ineffable.

Barthes, cité dans le Petit Robert.

Pour paraphraser Barthes : 

On se débarrasse des artistes en les envoyant s'occuper un peu de l'émotion et de l'ineffable.


Olivier de Rivaz — painter — Harvest