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Naked in Norman Countryside 

— Oil on canvas. 73 x 60. 2010

Nude is a tradition in painting.

The interest for a painter is to represent anatomy far away from criteria of fashion and magazines.

Pretty natural bodies without implants, botox, silicone.

Dessin, homme nu, profil, pot de fleurs

Man facing a Flowerpot

 Drawing on A4 sheet. 2019

I like naked caractères, freed from moral constraints, evolving in dreamlike landscapes,

narrative as at Delvaux's.

This narrative emancipation is just possible in a permissive and democratic society.

Dessin, famille, pique-nique

The Picnic

Drawing on A4 sheet. 2019

Abandonned characters -  Oil on canvas. 92 x 73. 2010

femmes nues assises dans un salon, avec paysage en fond derrière ls fenêtres

Nude, in history of art, a few scattered souvenirs...

The deprecative function of naked body in religious art. The body associated with sin, human weakness, rotting, contempt of the body, contempt of life.

The goddesses of Titian, whether Virgo, saints

or women they are.

David's moralizing nudes, his naked warriors, a helmet on the head...  and all the pitiful auricular flutes of these gentlemen, sculpted and painted throughout the history of art. They were to be exhibit without the sensitive public could yearn anything.

The sublime faces of Manet's Olympia and her servant.

Dessin, vampire, nue, passage

The passage.

Watercolor drawing 24 x 32. 2010


On the roofs of St-Jean street.

Oil on canvas.  146 x 114. 2010

The libidinous conventional nudes of pompiers and XIXe orientalist

Too conventional and too libidinous to be touching.

Purely cerebral unstructured and analytical nudes

of XXe century.

Femme blonde en sous-vêtements noirs comme sur une photo de la Redoute.

3 Suisses catalog picture. 

Huile sur toile.  92 x 65. 2017

The women painted by Otto Dix.

A nude is exciting when a strong personality emanate from the model.  It's psychological truth that generate a sensual emotion.

One of the most voluptuous Adam and Eve in the history of painting, that of Rubens (who painted another one not to be confused).  The black harmonies of plants, that of the snake that ripples above Eve's head, that of the branches that hide Eve's sex while focusing attention on it.

Vampire in the brambles. 

Oil on canvas. 116 x 89. 2010


Casting pour l'agneau mystique. 

Huile sur toile. 92 x 73. 2020


Olivier de Rivaz — painter — Nudes