Children's games, teen's games, adults games

Lunacy could have praised them in the writing of Erasmus.

Peinture, fillette, cerceau, plage, sable, mer

Little Girl on the Beach

Oil/canvas 92 x 73. 2014

peinture, homme, poisson mort, campagne

Fish-dead  Ceremonial 

— Oil/canvas. 73 x 60. 2015

Peinture, enfant, guerrier, casque, colérique

Baby Warrior 

( detail ). Oil on canvas. 100 x 81. 2014

" A horse, ignorant of grammar is not miserable,

just as a mad man isn't unhappy, 

because madness is due to his nature. "

Erasmus. Éloge de la Folie. § 32.

Peinture, huile sur toile, personnages style Europe Centrale, corde, paysage avec église

Dog-Game Ceremonial

Oil on canvas. 92 x 73. 2018

" There is no century wich, by ridiculous affirmation or négation,

do not make laugh at it. 

A past madness rarely illuminate men about their present one."


Helvétius, De l'Esprit.

Peinture, enfant, mouton, campagne

Child riding on a sheep.

Oil/canvas. 100 x 81. 2017

Children who play, adults who play, invent stories. But adults don't stop. They decide to believe in their scenario. Here is origin of beliefs, religions, dogmas and ideologies. I'm trying to represent the whole ambiguity of human nature, in a dreamlike tone.


Olivier de Rivaz — painter —Children playing